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Satisfied Customers

We thank them for their continued support and wish to maintain our excellent working partnership.

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Military Logistics Contracts

Trust International through its subsidiary (Larosa Transportation) has provided the Kuwait Army, UK Army & USA Army with a vast array of assets to meet their military operational requirements.

Samples of Military contracts:

  • DABM06-03-P-0019 Low Bed Trailers

  • DABM06-03-P-0433 Buses and Lorries

  • DABM06-03-P-0366 Water Tankers

  • DABM06-03-P-2085 Sewerage Trucks

United Nations Contracts

United National - World Food Program (UN-WFP) has utilized Larosa Transportation expertise in the Middle East, moving over one hundred thousand tons of humanitarian Aid into Iraq per month. In addition Larosa participated in Humanitarian Aid supply in Darfur - Sudan.

Larosa Major Customers

  • Air Liquide Industrial Gasses, KSA

  • Hyundai Engineering & Contracting Co.

  • Ahlia Industrial Projects Co.

  • Aerated Concrete Industries (Hebel)

  • Kuwait International Advanced Industries

  • Boubyan Plastic Industries Co.


  • Refrigeration & Oxygen

  • Petrochemical Industries

  • Al-Salal Group of Companies

Excavation & Backfilling Customers

  • Hyundai Engineering, Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port Project

  • Hyundai Engineering, Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabah Bridge Project

  • China Gexhauba Engineering, Al-Mutla Housing Project

  • Limak Unsaat, by UBC, Al-Mutla Project, Government Building.

  • Limak Insaat Kuwait International Airport Parking (at bidding stage)

Future Plans

the objective here is to utilize our experienced capabilities into the potential development projects that have recently started in North African countries such as Egypt, Tunis, Algeria & Morocco.

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Awarded Certificates

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We plan, source and work hard to achieve that we promise.
Our services provided to our customers are complying with international quality standards.
our customers appreciation clearly announced in the appreciation certificates enclosed here.

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